Математический факультет МГУ имени Н.П.Огарева
Математический факультетМордовский государственный университет имени Н.П.Огарева

Research Laboratory    

The Functional Analysis and Mathematical Physics

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Evgeniy N. Grishanov

    Ph.D, Research Associate

68 Bolshevistskaya,
Department of Mathematics, Mordovian State University, Saransk, Russia 430000

Phone: +7(8342)490562
ICQ UIN:148287873

Research Interests

(a) main fields: Numerical Analysis and Computer Simulation,  Nanostructures and Low-Dimensional Systems, Mathematical Physics
(b) other fields: Distributed calculations, Computer Networking and Security
(c) current research interests: SpectralProperties of Periodic Perturbations of Landau Operators; Fractal Spectrum; Numerical Methods; Software Optimization


1994 - 1999 Student, Department of Mathematics, Mordovian State University (Honours Diploma in Mathematics)
1999 - 2002 Postgraduate Course at the Department of Mathematics, Mordovian State University